Markus Schulz reveals Afterdark Vol.1 on ColdHarbour Black

Markus Schulz Afterdark Vol.1

Legendary DJ and producer, Markus Schulz has revealed the Afterdark Vol.1 EP, which features 3 tracks. Coming out on the Coldharbour Black imprint, the EP sees the revered DJ collaborate with the likes of Jam El Mar, Dakota, and Arkham Knights.

The first track “The Lotus” starts the proceedings with its percussive loops and open hi-hats. Continuing with a dynamic vibe, the addictive synths will enthrall you and the progressions will keep you craving for more.

“Something About You” begins will hard-hitting beats right from the start while managing to subtly blend whispers beautifully. Gaining momentum from that phase onwards, the production gets enigmatic and quite interesting, before giving you a kick, of an intense drop right at the end.

Arkham Knights and Jam El Mar have teamed up on the track “Wake Up”, which also starts with an uplifting feeling. The rumbling bass line enhances the intensity of the track and also adds a dark texture to it. This continues before the track gains its richness as we approach the bass-heavy drop which is all captivating.

This EP displays music which is bright, deep, lively, and dark all at the same time and is certainly something that fans will relish! Share this new music with your friends now and download the EP here.

Pavan Kumar


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