Markus Schulz & Christina Novelli reveal exciting new single, “Symphony Of Stars”

Markus Schulz Symphony Of Stars

The union between Markus Schulz and Christina Novelli has often made way for a phenomenal piece of music to unfold. This time, it’s the turn of “Symphony Of Stars” which is all set to take the grandeur of this union to the world.

Quickly gaining momentum as the guitar works charm you, the track gets the backing of some thumping beats and the rich vocals from Christina. The same is continued as we the progressions get much vibrant, bringing out the trance-lord in Markus. The vibe varied – from intimate to energetic, and we certainly are glad to see this with the track! Definitely, this is one that can light up any atmosphere.

Shot in the Aegean Isle of Santorini, the music video is also a treat to the eye and carries the essence of the production quite impactfully.

The track also sees a remix from Solis & Sean Truby, which brings out the festival banger in the original track. High on intensity and energy, the remix will surely find its way to you in a club near you! You will also be happy to receive the acoustic version of this track that elicits the beautiful vocals in a more prominent manner, and the instrumental elements that offer a pleasant experience to any kind of music lover!

After seeing immense success in “We Are The Light”, “Safe From Harm” and “Upon My Shoulders” last year, Markus has truly carried the same fervor of creating soulful music even this year. Christina’s great run was quite visible with the success of tracks like “Concrete Angel”, and “The Air I Breathe”, and the same will surely reflect in this really intimate piece of music – especially the acoustic version.

What do you make of this incredibly well-crafted track? Leave your comments below and share it with your friends right now! Don’t forget to download it here.

Pavan Kumar


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