Marcus Schulz releases new single feat. Sebu – Upon My Shoulders

upon my shoulders

The legendary Marcus Schulz has come out with an emotive new single – Upon My Shoulders, feat. Sebu from the indietronica duo Capital Cities. The track carries an intimate touch to it and is in many ways intimate to Marcus, going by the way he talks about it.

The track is truly a euphoric as it begins with the rich vocals and subtle kicks and the electronic guitar strumming its way into your heart. Simultaneously, the video shows a lot of happy people carrying one another in pure joy. The video also shows people having fun by the beach, and cruising their way on the streets of a busy city. The vibe of the track is happy and just immersive.

It really is an interesting story of how he came up the track and how he found the incredible voice of Sebu. He says the idea of creating this track was one that struck his mind after his Tomorrowland set in 2017. This is what he has to say about it “As a DJ, he says, when you look out across an audience like Tomorrowland’s and you see hundreds – thousands maybe, of people carrying others on the shoulders. It’s a powerful and stimulating and unifying sight, which sparks the imagination endlessly. Every one of those guys & girls has a connection with the other – a friendship and a story that – very likely – goes way, way beyond the physical bounds of the event. That thought, along with that unbeatable ‘upon your shoulders’ / ‘nothing can touch me’ feeling became something I really had to capture in a piece of music”

He says he already had in mind what voice he needed for the track – one that had “first hand experience of its theme’ he says. “What I had in mind I knew needed a male voice. Inherently I also was aware that far from every singer-songwriter could pull off a song like that. It had to be exactly the right voice, with exactly the right lyrical touch and connection to it. It was, he laughs, a bit frustrating there for a few months. The back of my mind was telling me I’d heard that voice before. I just couldn’t put my finger on whose it was!” he adds.

When he was in LA, ‘One Minute More’ came out on the radio and he knew the voice was Sebu’s. He had planned four years ago, of having his vocals on one of his tracks and suddenly all the pieces fell in place in the making of ‘Upon My Shoulders’.

Having played the mix at many of his sets earlier, he has familiarized his audience with the track and now, the exhilarating new track is all set to be your favorite hit. About this track, he says, “This one’s going out to ‘the real heroes’”. “If you’ve ever carried someone on your shoulders, either actually or spiritually – this one is all about you!”, he remarks.

Pavan Kumar


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