Martin Garrix and JRM Team Up to Release ‘These Are The Times’

Martin Garrix These Are The Times

Hitmaker Martin Garrix just dropped his next festival-ready pop track of the summer. Teaming up with JRM on “These Are The Times” this one promises to be the sing-alongs he’s known for.

The track was first debuted by Garrix at Ushuaïa Ibiza earlier this month during his first show post his ankle-injury. The official release came today on Garrix’s own STMPD RCRDS.

The highlight of the track is the vocal line by JRM perfectly fused with melodic beats by Garrix. While Garrix draws a fine line between his dance floor friendly and pop-influenced release, this one definitely will flood the radios and reach for those pop audiences. The upbeat lyrics aim to remind us how right now has the potential to be THE moment if we choose to make it so.

“These are the times that we’ve been praying for
These are the moments that we will not forget
This is the life that we’ve been waiting for
I wouldn’t change it for nothing”

The video in partnership with Axe Body Spray shows the story of a young couple connecting via a pair of headphones and letting the music take over. The bubbly couple is making their way around town when Garrix makes a cameo at the 2:20 mark to handover the young man his headphone which he drooped. The two eventually come together on a rooftop towards the end of the video with the music holding them together.

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