Martin Garrix Releases Closing Song ‘’Wherever You Are’’ With DubVision And Shaun Farrugia

martin garrix wherever you are

Martin Garrix has released his latest single, “Wherever You Are,” a collaboration with DubVision that features the heartfelt vocals of Shaun Farrugia.

The song serves as a brand-new euphoric closing for all Garrix’s summer shows and is available now on all major streaming platforms.

Premiered at Ultra Miami during Garrix’s mainstage set, “Wherever You Are” captivated the audience with its melodies and emotionally resonant lyrics. Shaun Farrugia joined Garrix on stage, delivering a stunning live performance.

Martin Garrix:”This song is a special one for me. DubVision, Shaun, and I had so much fun while working in the studio together, and I’m super excited the 4 of us are releasing another track together. This song was just pure joy to make.’’

DubVision:’’When we were in the studio with Martin to work on the foundation of ”Wherever You Are’’, he got super excited and insisted on playing this at Ultra Music festival. The only problem was that Ultra was within a week and the track was not even close to finished. The 4 of us worked day and night to finish it on time, and we’re super happy with the result.’’

Shaun Farrugia:’’Wherever You Are” is more than just a song. It’s the feeling so many of us feel inside our hearts, gives us purpose, and remembers the ones we’ve lost along the way. I feel so honoured to be back working with my brothers Marty and the DubVision boys. A song which started on a video call took us to Amsterdam, worked on as we crossed the Atlantic, and finished hours before Ultra Miami. I can’t wait for you all to hear it.’’

“Wherever You Are” marks another milestone in Martin Garrix’s career, adding to his impressive catalog. As summer approaches, fans can expect to hear this anthem closing out Garrix’s shows worldwide.


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