Martin Garrix’s collaboration with David Guetta and Brooks – Like I Do, finally has a release date

Like I Do

Last year we saw world #1 Dutch producer/DJ, Martin Garrix produce some brilliant tracks with David Guetta and Brooks.

The track which he produced with Guetta was premiered at Tomorrowland and it was titled ‘So Far Away’. Garrix also produced the catchy tune ‘Boomerang’ with Brooks under his GRX alias.

His ties with those 2 producers haven’t ended here. This time he has collaborated with both of them on a single track titled ‘Like I Do’. The track was premiered by Garrix at the TimeOut 72 festival in Goa, India. Ever since, fans have heard the track, they haven’t been able to get over it. And to everyone’s relief, the track finally has a release date. This brilliant future house tune is all set to be dropped next Thursday (February 22).

After producing some electo-pop and electro/hip-hop (via his AREA21 alias) tunes lately, Garrix has finally gone back to his pure EDM roots with this track!

Watch Garrix tease the tune and reveal the release date on his Instagram handle:

Stay tuned for further updates!

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