Martin Waslewski Unveils ‘Switch’ EP

martin waslewski switch

Martin Waslewski drops his new “Switch EP”.

A Work of Art (for your club or festival). If ever a label deserved awe and respect, Monaberry does. It’s German only true production music label.

And since its introduction in 1990, it has attained a level of recognition that is nearly legendary. It’s fitting, then, that Monaberry is now honoring this remarkable music with an artful Martin Waslewski release.

Monaberry spirit is captured by Martin with one of the most respected EPs around, Switch. Below you will find two tracks, suitable for dancing and raving. You’ll discover important footnotes on the history and evolution of Monabery. It’s sound. Its basses. Its recent impact. And more. You get it all for a special price. A small price to pay to get a legend for your sets.


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