Mastrovita – Invsbl Dreams


Starting off as a striking tune at Spinnin’s Talent Pool, the ‘Invsbl Dreams’ by Mastrovita has recently picked up worldwide DJ support, including the likes of Tiësto, Martin Garrix, Sam Feldt and Sander van Doorn, the latter quickly signing the track for his renowned DOORN label, where it’s officially out now!

The Talent Pool has been a significant part of scouting new music for Spinnin’Records these last couple of years. By now, tens of thousands of tracks have been uploaded there, leading to loads of newly discovered artists.

Mastrovita is one of them. His track ‘Invsbl Dreams’ already received lots of support and feedback on the Talent Pool itself, before getting noticed by a couple of internationally known DJs.

One of the supporting DJs, Sander van Doorn picked up ‘Invsbl Dreams’ for a release on his own DOORN Records, providing the track with another milestone while conquering the worldwide scene once again.

Grab it here.

“I was completely amazed and never thought that the track would get so much attention. My expectation was that it would go ahead step by step but I was wrong, instead of that it tooks jumps. I didn’t expect that so many big names would play my track – which is incredible. But this proves to me that I am on the right way”, says an excited Mastrovita.


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