Mat Zo Releases A Synapse-Snapping Drum & Bass Single, “Emotion Sickness”


For his next outing, Mat Zo links up with Bassrush Records to release his latest D&B single, “Emotion Sickness,” a brain-tickling journey through a whirlwind of emotions.

Clocking it at over seven-minutes, the number is marked by intricate drum programming, haunting padlines, reverberating sub-bass, and billowing textures that will turn your cerebral cortex into a sloppy slush of pure satisfaction.

Even the casual fan would have no qualms about throwing around the word “versatile” when referring to the track record the Grammy-nominated Mat Zo has enjoyed over the years. With a reputation for shattering expectations and stealthily slipping through the cracks of genre constraints, the forward-thinking producer has proven no sound is safe whenever he’s transforming his thoughts into top-shelf tunes of all permutations.

One of the genres he’s always held near and dear, though, has been drum & bass—as evidenced by his output under the MRSA alias, which has been a carrier for the painstakingly complex creations he’s transmitted onto esteemed labels, such as Hospital, RAM, and his own MAD ZOO imprints. However, his most recent stints within this lane have seen him venture out via his main pseudonym, allowing him to add even more depth to the already dynamic Mat Zo name.

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