Matoma & The Vamps – Staying Up


The bromance between leading Norwegian producer Matoma and Brit pop-rock sensation The Vamps continues with the release of their brand new track ‘Staying Up’.

Listen/download it here.

Matoma and The Vamps first collaborated on the hit ‘All Night’ which has been streamed over 265 million times at Spotify. ‘All Night’ features on The Vamps’ recent #1 album ‘Night & Day (Night Edition)’ as well as Matoma’s innovative album-meets-playlist project ‘Hakuna Matoma’. With Matoma’s high energy production and The Vamps’ towering pop hooks, ‘Staying Up’ blends the best traits of both artists to create something even bigger and bolder than ‘All Night’.

Matoma says: “One of the best things to come from the release of ‘All Night’ was getting to meet and know The Vamps – seriously some of the nicest guys I’ve met in the music business and also the most talented and hard-working people! We always talked about doing another song together like a second chapter of the story, and we came up with this fun idea ‘Staying Up’. For me it’s about not wanting the party to stop, and after an amazing summer that’s exactly how I’m feeling right now!”

Brad from The Vamps says: “After meeting Matoma through collaborating on our most successful song to date ‘All Night’ we’ve all become really close friends, so we naturally started working on new music together! We came up with this idea for ‘Staying Up’ and the hook and the melody was just so catchy we couldn’t get it out of our heads, so we knew it was the one!”


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