Matroda Recruits a Solid Crew Of House Heads On The ‘Gimme Some Keys (Remixes)’

matroda gimme some keys remixes

Matroda rounds up an impressive crew to lay into his previous single “Gimme Some Keys” for Insomniac Records, featuring takes from Tom & Collins, Cloverdale, Cave Studio, Thykier, David Herrlich, and TONG.

With the original piano-fueled number being a crowd-pleaser in his sets around the world—played by the likes of Diplo, Malaa, DJ Snake, Dillon Francis and Valentino Khan—the Croatian powerhouse’s release is about to take on a whole new life as the mastermind hands the keys over to a few of his close friends.

Mexico City-based duo and label regulars Tom & Collins step in with the lead offering, adding a new rhythmic dimension with swinging hand percussion, marimbas, bongos and buzzing basslines in-between sprinkles of the raspy vocal hook, piano stabs, and string swells. “Since the first time we heard this track, we thought the energy was unique,” says Tom & Collins. “We’ve always loved a good piano progression, so it was great to be able to put our touch into it.”

Canadian sensation Cloverdale puts his signature high-octane tech house spin on the track, reimagining the main lead with quicker attack and a rubbery bassline to drive the momentum. On his contribution, Cloverdale shares: “Matroda has been a key influence of mine since day one and I was so fired up to take this hit record to a new level.”

Italian duo Cave Studio flexes their crunchy production prowess with their rework, allowing beefy bottom-end and detuned fills to do most of the heavy lifting. “We have always admired the musical genius and quality of Matroda’s productions, even before we started producing our own tracks,” states Cave Studio. “Creating this remix immediately seemed like a great opportunity to merge our styles with a catchy bassline groove, techy rhythm on the drums, and a revised piano chord turn.”

Taking things into darker pastures, Denmark native Thykier creates disarray with his reimagining by distorting the original piano lead and then transforming it into discordant synth warbles that play nice with laser riffs and gurgling sequences.

Germany’s fast-rising tech house head David Herrlich dials back the intensity for the late-night crowd, working around a thudding bottom-end that allows the main lead to draw closer to the lowest staff on the piano. “As I love the original piano chords, I’ve decided to keep and play around with them to give the track a new groovy touch,” explains Herrlich. “Knowing that this remix will be released on Insomniac made me hyped even more!”

Lastly, newcomer TONG closes out the affair as the official winner of Insomniac’s Discovery Project DJ/producer competition series, taking home the W with its funk-infused groove and led to a well-deserved performance at this year’s EDC Orlando last month.

Matroda’s ‘Gimme Some Keys (Remixes)’ release is available on all platforms via Insomniac Records.


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