MATT DOE, DRAGOS, Fools of Wisdom, Mike Danglez, and REMETI Join Forces For Mega Collab Track ‘Mirage’

matt doe mirage

Bringing together five burgeoning artists for one immense single, Subtle But True is proud to present their first official Subtle But True release.

With several distinct drops and elements brought together by the SBT roster of DRAGOS, Fools of Wisdom, MATT DOE, Mike Danglez, and REMETI, ‘Mirage’ breaks the creative boundaries of modern trap and bass. ‘Mirage’ is available on all streaming platforms now via Subtle But True.

The strength and ingenuity of ‘Mirage’ lies in its multiplicity of stylistic choices and production skills brought by the diverse cast of artists. After a brief intro, the track’s first drop is a gritty dubstep headbanger that deploys a bouncy rhythm under devastating wobbles. From there, ‘Mirage’ immediately moves into another riser before a flurry of laser-esque synths ramp the instrumentals’ energy even higher.

Finally, the productional quintet provides relief via a soothing melodic breakdown, only to build up to another frenetic bass drop with a swath of synth stabs and runs leading the way. On the fourth and final drop, the melodic elements are dropped once again as unrelenting walls of bass consume the track and leave the listener rattling. Expect for ‘Mirage’ to wreak havoc at DJ sets or at-home raves across the country all summer long.

“The artists of Subtle But True came together to create a masterpiece called ‘Mirage’ and what better place to release it than on the SBT platform directly. After serious consideration of what to do with this track, we thought it would be fun to challenge ourselves and release it on our own. This track is the perfect representation of teamwork and of the SBTFAM as a whole. I am proud to be representing such a talented team and am honored that they have let me represent them as artists but also that they all trusted me to release this track for them.” – Steph Landreville, Subtle But True Founder

Based out of Montreal, Subtle But True (SBT) was founded just in 2020 by Steph Landreville. Born out of Landreville’s passion for music, SBT’s goals are to provide proper support, guidance, and teamwork to their artists while providing a safe and healthy environment for them to grow and express themselves.

Representing Dragos, Fools of Wisdom, MATT DOE, Mike Danglez, and REMETI, SBT is constantly focused on its artists’ development while maintaining a family atmosphere.

‘Mirage’ marks a pivotal moment for Subtle But True. As a blossoming force in the electronic music industry, ‘Mirage’ demonstrates the raw firepower in Subtle But True’s arsenal. With more and more releases on the horizon, the five artists on SBT’s roster are undeniably positioned for breakout years.


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