Matvey Emerson Drops His Remix Of DubVision’s “Into You”

dubvision into you matvey emerson remix

Matvey Emerson’s hot take on DubVision’s original “Into You” is out on Martin Garrix’s STMPD imprint.

The remix comes out nearly two months after the original’s release.

Most remixes represent different directions the track could go in and a select few really hit the spot. With this rendition, Matvey Emerson really worked miracles. Give it a listen.

The original record followed the old school progressive arrangement and production. This rendition leads the track in a whole new direction. A Future Deep house record is one way to define the Russian producer’s take. The coherence of vocals and its newly fit deep house body is off the charts.

Perky synths and a deep bassline do pack a lot of heat in this remix. It’s easy to sing vocals and a revamped structure do allow it to be played by the radio. It is also a great after-hours tune and definitely holds a spot in any DJ’s musical arsenal.

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