Mau P Masterfully Blends Electronic & Hip-Hop Elements With Infectious New Single ‘On Again’

mau p on again

Mau P is redefining the boundaries of his artistry with his latest release, ‘On Again’, out today via Insomniac Records.

Showcasing his own vocals for the very first time and featuring legendary producer Mike Dean ‘On Again’ marks a monumental moment as Mau P steps into the spotlight not only as a masterful producer but as a versatile artist. Mau P is showing the world his work isn’t just about the beats, but about leveling up creatively by designing different worlds to experience his work in.

Mau P’s distinctive sound is the undeniable driving force behind ‘On Again’, only to be elevated by a powerful hook and the trademark synth work of legendary producer Mike Dean. However, it’s Mau P’s vocals that are really the signature feature of the song, an unprecedented element that’s now set to change the trajectory of his artistry.

“This song has had such a beautiful process where I feel like I really found a new part of me as an artist,” Mau P says about ‘On Again’. “I always felt like it was a demo that was meant for a bigger artist than myself, but after showing everyone the version with my vocals on it it just stuck. The magic was already there and after getting Mike Dean’s blessing on it, it really felt perfect.”

Adding to the hype around ‘On Again’ is the track’s feature of record producer Mike Dean. With a 30+ year career working with the most high-profile music industry artists like the Weeknd, Beyoncé, Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Travis Scott, Jay-Z, Drake and beyond, Dean’s contribution not only gives the track undeniable clout, but showcases Mau P’s dedication to experimentation, genre-crossovers and truly carving out his own place in the industry. In a nod to Mike Dean’s invaluable input on the track, Mau P even twists his ad-lib introduced in BEATS FOR THE UNDERGROUND from “Ayo get em Mau P,” to “Ayo get em Mike Dean.”

Although just released, it already seems like ‘On Again’ has Mau P’s Midas touch. Electrifying performances of the then-unreleased track at Miami Music Week and Coachella, where he performed back to back with Diplo, created palpable excitement in the crowds. Mau P’s innate ability to push boundaries and defy expectations ensures that each release is met with unparalleled acclaim. Just as his previous hits, Drugs From Amsterdam, Metro, and Gimme That Bounce have solidified his status as a trailblazer in the industry, ‘On Again’ is destined to follow suit, setting new standards for excellence in electronic music.

Listen to ‘On Again’, featuring Mike Dean now


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