Maybon Releases ‘Do We Even Matter’ Feat. Kim Cesarion

Maybon Do We Even Matter

Norwegian wunderkind artist and producer Maybon reveals his amazing new single ‘Do We Even Matter’ featuring Swedish pop talent Kim Cesarion.

‘Do We Even Matter’ focuses on, literally and metaphorically, exploring and finding your place in the world. As does Maybon – Eivind Wøien from rural Norway – a 20-year-old who is seriously finding his feet as an artist and producer. Unlike many of his contemporaries, he’s never really tried all that hard to fit in, even if that may have been the easiest and most comfortable option. He’s sought out, rather than avoided his ‘otherness’; that which sets him apart.

From his earliest attempts at making music as a child, it’s always been about the creative process, and developing as a songwriter and producer. Maybon enjoys co-writing sessions, and for ‘Do We Even Matter’ with Bård Bonsaksen (Ina Wroldsen, Steve Aoki) and Brandyn Burnette (Lost Kings, SJUR) the synergy in their collaboration was electrifying. The result is a beautifully restrained production, with an unmistakable Maybon touch.

The song has obvious parallels to Maybon’s own life, and his quest for creating something meaningful. And with ‘Do We Even Matter’ he wants to inspire others to embrace their uniqueness, and chase their dreams.

Maybon is a young artist who marches to his own beat, and you can check that beat out in this single.


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