Mazare And AMIDY Releases Highly-Anticipated First Lead Single ‘Otherside’ Off Of Forthcoming 4-Track ‘Wide Awake And Dreaming’ EP

mazare otherside

Renowned DJ/producer Mazare is back on the release radar with ‘Otherside’, the first lead single to be released ahead of his 4-track ‘Wide Awake and Dreaming’ EP slated to drop later next month.

This time around, he’s joined alongside venerated Los Angeles-based talent AMIDY, who lends his signature hard-hittting production flair to the track. Out now via Seven Lions’ imprint Ophelia Records, ‘Otherside’ is available to listen to across all streaming platforms.

The dreamy, atmospheric track begins with a soothing ambiance paired perfectly with the flowing, textured vocal performance. A series of synths are introduced into the sonic space, and the pace of the melodic track quickly begins to pick up with each passing second. A rising tension is expertly crafted with ease as the buildup gains momentum. A series of larger-than-life bass drops ensue, leaving the listener in awe.

The emotionally-charged lyricism serves as a great addition to the soaring, anthemic qualities the tune possesses and is eventually joined by the high octane drum and bass sensibilities Mazare is so well known for. In all, ‘Otherside’ serves as an exciting glimpse of what fans can expect with his imminent EP on the horizon.


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