Italian Producer Mazare And Punk Trio Calva Louise Unveil Rock-Fueled Drum And Bass Single “Throne”

mazare throne

Following his multi-genre debut EP ‘Paracosm’ last year, Mazare has returned to Monstercat with a rock-infused drum and bass track, “Throne” featuring Manchester-based grunge band, Calva Louise.

Sticking to his roots with a hyper-fueled bassline, Mazare effortlessly fuses Calva Louise’s heavy guitar riffs and punchy vocals with the relentless energy on the track. The electronic metal crossover is set to be a forever banger in the worlds of both scenes.

Mazare shares, “I was blown away by Calva Louise’s energy from the first second I heard their stuff, and I had this demo laying around that I thought could perfectly fit their sharp and aggressive sound. That’s how “Throne” was born. I love working with bands because they have a different perspective on music and arrangement, and that can add so much more personality to an electronic track. Calva Louise was no exception, and the guitar solo in the second part is just perfect.”

Jess from Calva Louise adds, “When Mazare told me that his inspiration behind “Throne” was a short story about a renegade prince coming back to his former kingdom after a long exile to claim his throne, I felt like dipping inside a hero’s dream charged with adventure and guts. I wanted to express with the lyrics and the vocals the power of that feeling, of not being afraid to risk it all to ruthlessly follow your purpose. And with the guitar solo the aim was to translate that jump into the unknown, while following a path with a heart, like the action of a true warrior.”


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