Maztek States his Biggest Influences Following his Recent EP – 4 The Ravers

maztek 4 the ravers

Following the fiery success of his ‘Warpath’ LP, an immense package of tracks that identified how Maztek was still a mainstay producer within the darker soundscapes of drum & bass, Maztek is about to return.

The album broke the news of his 0101 Records label, a base for Maztek and one which hasn’t just showcased his own sonic artillery. It’s also brought in a trove of producers who’ve all shown their flair for electronic music, although only the darker kind which has infiltrated many playlists throughout the European continent, as well as further afield across the Atlantic. And one primary reason for this is how powerful his music has proven to be when flung through stacked speakers, infiltrating even the most niche spaces to cause the utmost chaos on dancefloors.

This next release is Maztek’s first EP for 2019, not only following ‘Warpath’ but also his ‘Uncoded’ release in the latter half of last year. ‘4 the Ravers’ represents Maztek’s background as a DJ, something which he’s just as notorious for as his music, with the producer having traveled extensively with sound systems before he began working within more formal venue settings.

And following its release, we caught up with Maztek to find out the influences behind the music he’s unleashed through 0101 Records. Although it’s not just drum & bass which he’s drawn inspiration from:

1) Massive Attack – Mezzanine

I know it’s a full album but I can’t pick just one because this is my favourite album of all time.

2) Nirvana – Come As You are

As per above, I can’t really pick up a favourite song but I chose this one, Nirvana is also one of my all-time favourite bands.

3) Pearl Jam – Alive

I was born in the ’80s but I grew up in the ’90s and this is my background music

4) Alice in Chains – Down in a Hole

This song is just beautiful I was pretty grunge at that time and I love all these bands

5) Method Man, Redman – Da Rockwilder

I always loved hip hop and there are many tunes I’d like to mention, but I made a beat for Redman and Dope D.O.D. – so here is the king!

6) Biggie Small – Hypnotize

The Groove on this song is just perfect.

7) Bob Marley – Wait in Vain

I love reggae music in general and there is so much to mention as it has been part of my culture for a long time, I have some friends running a reggae Roots sound System and when it comes to reggae, of course, you mention the King himself.

8) Peace Orchestra – Who Am I

Such a great example of how to write electronic music in a smart way and with soul.

9) Aphex Twin – Fingerbib

One of the craziest in electronic music, I used to have this on tape, it’s always a great inspiration.

10) Bonobo – Cirrus

He is a musical genius in my opinion and this song gives me Goosebumps especially during a bonfire on the beach in the summer.

Listen to Maztek’s ‘4 the Ravers’ here.

Hannah Helbert


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