Meeting Molly Releases Calming Melodic House EP ‘Last Chance’ Monstercat

meeting molly last chance

Russian producer and melodic house guru Meeting Molly released his four-track EP ‘Last Chance’ on Monstercat. Each track is the perfect combination of soothing atmospheric pads, crisp percussion, and rich bass, taking listeners on an ethereal musical journey.

Spanning two original tracks supported by a duo of extended mixes, ‘Last Chance’ is a moving look inside Meeting Molly’s personal experiences over the last year. The EP serves as a testament to his unique production design, as well as his ability to relay distinct emotions through sound.

Meeting Molly shares, “Both tracks were written at a time when the world was in the midst of a lockdown and all thoughts were about its soonest ending. In “Passion Fruit,” I tried to convey that desire to go somewhere outside of my imprisonment, which, I think, faced each of us.

In my case, these are warm countries and an azure sea. “Last Chance” turned out to be more dynamic, but also more depressing, which is associated with my emotional state at that moment. I think each of us, sooner or later, will come across a moment in life when the desire to give up becomes stronger than the desire to continue doing what we are doing.

But sooner or later this moment passes, remaining only in memory. Therefore, I would really like you to never give up and move towards your goal, because sooner or later your efforts will be rewarded.”


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