Melleefresh’s ‘House Party’ Ignites May with Dynamic Dance Vibes and Star-Studded Guest Mixes

melleefresh house party

Melleefresh delivered another month filled with compelling Dance vibes on her radio show ‘Melleefresh House Party’ during May, curating enthralling listening experiences with track lineups that kept the sound fresh and the energy high.

With guest stars taking to the decks and Melleefresh herself offering fans unique mixes detailed with powerful music, May was surely a noteworthy month on the show, cementing Melleefresh as a force on the Electronic Music scene and a talent whose refreshing tastes mark her out as one to be following along closely.

Within episodes, Melleefresh frequently takes the opportunity to introduce her original tastes to listeners, showcasing her distinct signature style and expansive knowledge of Electronic Music itself. As May proved no different, the airwaves were set alight with Melleefresh’s recent discoveries, balanced in the variety of talent on display, from the up-and-coming to Artists well-established on the scene. With music from the likes of Sean Bartley and Vlada Asanin, alongside well-known tracks like CASSIMM’s ‘Love Desire’, the radio show brought in a diverse range of sounds for listeners to discover, establishing itself as a destination to delve deep and uncover some of the hottest music emerging out from across the genre.

During May, Melleefresh handed the decks over to three gifted Producers, providing a platform for them to present their individual styles to listeners around the globe and diversifying the listening experience of her radio show one step more. As PartyBooze, CHMI, and Kardano each delivered original mixes, ‘Melleefresh House Party’ during May served as powerful proof of the density and depths of Electronic Music, celebrating the eclectic nature of the genre by spotlighting fresh talents through both the guest mixes and the dynamic track lineups.

With a passion for Electronic Music that exudes out from each carefully curated episode of her radio show, Melleefresh continues to put forward innovative creativity, highlighting her talents as she constructs impactful listens and brings attention to the exciting sounds budding out from within the genre today. Remaining punchy in sound, translating dancefloor energy into hour-long mixes for listeners around the globe to get lost in, ‘Melleefresh House Party’ is no doubt a radio show to tune into to be invigorated by pulse-racing music; so, be sure to listen throughout June and stay up to date with Melleefresh herself by following her across social media.

Listen to ‘Melleefresh House Party’ episodes here.


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