There Is A Light Records Presents ‘Plastic’ EP Featuring Original Mix By Melody’s Enemy And Remixes By The Archer And Cocodrills

melody's enemy plastic

Rapidly growing imprint There is A Light Records is proud to present their first release of 2023, a massive EP titled ‘Plastic’ consisting of an original rendition by label regular Melody’s Enemy and individual remixes by label founder The Archer and well-regarded producer Cocodrills.

“Plastic is a piece of social commentary and my honest attempt to make everyone in the rave pissed off (ha!). I wrote it as a rant against all the superficial crap I saw around me and as a way to rail against a string of events both here in the UK and in the US that left me saying “WTF?!” – Melody’s Enemy

Label owner at There is a Light Records, The Archer secures an average of 37,000 monthly listeners of techno and deep house lovers alike on Spotify and other music streaming services. Presenting his rendition “Plastic,” the LA-based music connoisseur showcases his borderline hypnotic, addictive techno style that has garnered him widespread acclaim across the entire west coast.

By applying his own bouncy flare on Melody’s Enemy’s original release on their new EP, The Archer effectively showcases how even the simplest of house music tracks can take on a different dynamic and style that appeals to any crowd and setting. The emerging producer might be a relative newcomer to the genre, yet his sophisticated sound and production ability are that of an underground veteran, further solidifying his rightful place amongst the genre’s biggest names.

The Archer’s following stems not merely from his musical craft, but from his various contributions to the Los Angeles music and club scene as a whole. Sifting through the artist’s social pages, it is clear that he upholds passion for the community of music lovers that yearn and live for bustling nights spent dancing under disco balls in the various venues that are sprinkled all around the City of Angels.

Being a DJ, producer, and label owner/co-owner, The Archer has dedicated himself to multiple roles in the world of music and events. His commitment to the industry exemplifies the artist’s ability to use his knowledge of being a trailblazer as well as creating endless possibilities for the future of music.


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