Mike Cervello And Beaudamian Drop Bombs With “Outlast”

Mike Cervello outlast

Mike Cervello and BeauDamian’s brainchild “Outlast” is out on all platforms and it was released under Martin Garrix’s very own STMPD records.

Mike Cervello has been in the limelight lately. With releases in multiple reputed labels like Axtone, Dharma, Spinnin records, Barong Family etc. Mike Cervello is showing no signs of stopping. After meeting with BeauDamian at a show in Germany, Mike sat down with him to make something with a twist to it. STMPD records provided them with the perfect platform. Give it a listen.

The festival scene has changed from time to time. In recent times and by recent times we mean right before lockdown, the festivals started embracing the long-lost club sound and it stuck to the scene this time. This record really pushes the boundaries of a normal club track through its unique synthesis which is visibly seen through its weirdly satisfying leads and groovy basslines. The vocal filler “Don’t Understand” turns ultra-relevant to the highly volatile and confusing times we live in. Outlast is a fiery banger that is ready to roll on some quarantine dance floors and hopefully in night clubs that are soon to be open.

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Mmkrishna Cherla


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