Mike Perry kicks off 2019 with much anticipated single – Runaway


After a stellar 2018 that saw his music reach a combined billion streams on Spotify, Swedish hit DJ and producer Mike Perry has started his 2019 journey quite strongly. The pulsating new track from Mike is called “Runaway” and is now out on Spinnin’ Records.

Starting off in an enigmatic manner, the rich vocals take lead as the melodic music in the background soothes you. Without much delay, the track drifts towards its highly energetic bit of music that is dominated by some dynamic synths, thumping beats, catchy breaks, and a euphoric feeling. The vocals sound really crisp, laid on the background of piano chords and some rich bass guitar works, which will definitely keep you hooked. The emotive music video adds a lot of life into the track, marking Mike’s grand entry into 2019.

“I got the topline presented to me from songwriting duo The Companions and instantly fell in love with it. ‘Runaway’ was actually born on the road, with just a laptop, and a super simple midi keyboard. In a way, it was created all over the globe, from the top line being written in The Netherlands, the drop melody in a hotel room in Santiago, Chile, and the arrangement and chord structure in my studio in Sweden. So yeah, a perfect example of how the music biz works nowadays” – Mike Perry

He also added that he wanted to create a song that was suitable for a good listen at home and also while you were sweating it out at a club. Mike also feels that the sing-along feeling of the song is most important for him, which we agree with.

The Swedish producer is largely known for his global hit “The Ocean” which garnered more than 500 million hits on Spotify in 2016. Reaching #1 on the many European charts, the track also earned the platinum status in many countries.

Along with this, his tracks like “Hands”, “Talk About It”, “Body To Body”, and “Stay Young” were well received around the globe.

It is certainly looking like 2019 will be a really promising year for the artist, as he’s already started off with this incredible track. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments below. Download it here.

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