Miles Away Gives Us ‘Happy Tears’ With His New Electro House Single Featuring RUNN & AYMEN

miles away happy tears

Producer Miles Away and Dallas-based producer AYMEN reveal their latest collaboration “Happy Tears” with EDM mainstay vocalist RUNN.

It is an electro house anthem about the belief that life can lead to happiness after a series of hardships and challenges. Anyone stuck in a rut should listen to it because it sends out as a triumphant, cathartic message reminding them that there is always a positive end to the journey.

RUNN makes it do beyond wonders with her heartwarming voice and ardent lyrics as Miles Away and AYMEN have beautifully portrayed their vision for the idea and sound.

Through this track the chance and hope you had given yourself return you with a greater sense of selflessness.

Listen to the track here:
Devin Belanger from Miles Away says,

“Happy Tears is a record all about overcoming difficult times, and both the music and lyrics reflect this. This record actually was started several years ago, and has probably gone through more revisions than any other song I’ve been a part of. The only thing that made it from the very first version of the song was the main guitar melody, which is the central melodic theme of the song, as it is then heard both with vocal chops in the drop, as well as subtly with synths throughout every section of the song. By tying together every section of this song with that single melodic theme, we were able to take the production to the next level and add a ton of flair and energy through re-sampling, glitches and fills. The result is that though the song is quite complex production-wise, it still has a human heart, and is easy to sing along to.”

Adding to it RUNN tells us that,

“Happy Tears is a song about giving yourself a second chance at love after being hurt so badly you couldn’t imagine trying it again. I think there’s nothing more wonderful than giving in to the feelings you have, even if they’re overwhelming and complicated because that’s being human. If you’ve ever cried out of joy, out of relief, out of an abundance of love, this song is for you.”

Miles Away is a vocalist and electronic producer from Vancouver, Canada. Using a blend of melodic and heavy electronic music with organic elements and his own vocals. Miles Away’s music tells the story of being stuck in the present, living in the past, and wishing for the future.

He first garnered attention with his string of successful remixes including his remix of Halsey’s “Without Me” with Nurko that has received over 42 million streams to date on YouTube alone. Miles Away went on to release his debut self-titled EP on label Lowly Palace which received millions of streams across platforms.

He followed up his EP with a string of independent records in which he released his biggest hit “Bring Me Back” featuring fellow Canadian vocalist Claire Ridgely. He has released music with notable artists Besomorph, Nurko, ARMNHMR, RUNN, Karra and more.

Following the ladder of success, Miles Away was nominated as “Electronic/Dance Artist of the Year” in the Western Canadian Music Awards in 2020.

Armed with impressive intuition and a prowess for capturing the emotional power of memories, pop singer-songwriter RUNN is inviting listeners into her iridescent world of honesty, transparency, and shimmering new music.

Incorporating sparkling melodies and sentimental lyrics, RUNN writes songs so vulnerable, so intimate, and so sparkling with the hope that they feel like they were pulled right from the pages of her diary.

After making a name for herself in EDM, collaborating with some of the genre’s most influential artists including Illenium and Seven Lions, the rising starlet has finally claimed her true voice as a solo artist and is approaching her work with the sincerity of the music industry’s greatest storytellers.

Shantanu Gursal


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