Misanthrop Releases his LP ‘Analog’ on Neosignal

misanthrop analog

Misanthrop has just dropped his ‘Analog’ LP on Neosignal, the label he spearheads alongside likeminded German pioneer Phace, and it’s one of the most immersive listening experiences to come through drum & bass in recent years.

At a time where it feels like the average listener’s attention span has been dramatically reduced, ‘Analog’ goes against the norm and presents an album you must fully invest your time in.

Even to the untrained ear the production levels across ‘Analog’ are ridiculously high, however they’re typical of the Misanthrop sound. There’s also a range of versatile styles explored throughout the album, including the more melodic harmonies of single ‘Heute Nacht’, which juxtaposes the darker undertones of offerings like ‘Turbine’. Nevertheless, Misanthrop takes a step away from the usually raucous records he’s been releasing since he first came to prominence and instead goes for a totally different flavour. He’s broken a paradigm that was created years prior to the release of ‘Analog’ and it’s vastly different to his self-titled LP he released three years prior. It follows the same experimental journey which was more obvious throughout EP ‘Blurred’ and it signals the growth of Misanthrop as an artist, something which has now evolved over decades.

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