MistaJam Whips Up Mouthwatering Dance Anthem, ‘The Recipe’

mistajam the recipe

U.K. music tastemaker and hit-making producer MistaJam knows how to cook up a straight-fire dance anthem and delivers again with this infinitely catchy dance floor heater.

With a bumping bassline driving the energy, alluring singalong vocal hooks and a smooth instrumental arrangement, this peak-time release supplies ‘The Recipe’ for good vibes and a great night out firmly planted on the dance floor.

Celebrating the reopening of clubs and dance floors, ‘The Recipe’ sets out to remind people what they have been missing out on and craving over the last year.

“I’d originally made the beat of ‘The Recipe’ as a club and festival tool for me to use while DJing and topped it off with a famous a cappella”, MistaJam says. “It always seemed to go off in my sets, but the acapella just didn’t feel right to me. So during a writing session with GOODBOYS and Brad Ellis, I played them the instrumental, explained how the beat would always go off in my sets and the ideas started to flow!”

“GOODBOYS are geniuses at those instant earworm melodic hooks, so we threw ideas around for lyrics and recorded about five different ideas”, the Dance NRG figurehead continues. “When I went back to the track on the train to a gig after that session, I really tapped into my DJing experience to pick out those bits that really felt right and played out the demo at that gig that night. It went off more than the beat had before! With the pandemic shutting everything down for eighteen months, it gave me the opportunity to work even harder on making the track feel right; I jumped on the vocals myself and made the production feel as big as the hook did. What you’ve got is the final result. We really do have ‘The Recipe’!”

MistaJam has long been one of the U.K.’s most lauded music radio tastemakers. The five-time British Radio Academy award winner has already proven himself to be an extremely versatile individual on the gamut of music-related disciplines.

He now continues to build his repertoire as a producer, writer and artist through the exceptional works via his Dance NRG concept.


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