MOGUAI & Raumakustik bring inspiring new single – The Greatest Speech

the greatest speech

One of the most chilling speeches of all time is the one seen in The Great Dictator and what better when this speech is taken to the world in the background of uplifting EDM music from Moguai and German producer Raumakustik. The new single is rightly titled – The Greatest Speech.

The feel-good rhythm of the track is what adds flavor to every sentence of that iconic speech. The music fuses with the emotion of the lines in a very intimate manner. With a tempo that is consistent and music that is euphoric, this track will inspire one and all. With this track, the artists are not only to trying to create good music, but also a unifying feeling among the people. In times when people hardly have the time and consideration to listen to meaningful words, infusing them with music is an effective way of spreading the message and this track does just that!

Moguai has established himself very strongly in the EDM scene. He has not only worked with the likes of Afrojack, Steve Aoki, Britney Spears, Moby, and many more but has also produced startling singles like Hold On, Save Tonight (with Robin Schulz) and the hit from the previous year, Say a Little Prayer.

“Being a touring DJ, I travel the world and meet people of every culture and religion. There is so much to learn from one another and I find so often we really are all alike in our ultimate goals of being happy, feeling accepted and understood by those around us. What’s happening in the world right now worries me a lot. What can I do? I’m only an entertainer. My only weapon to fight against this hate is my music. The incredible Speech written by Charlie Chaplin for ‘The Great Dictator’ in 1940, for me is one of the most powerful speeches ever written, the message is still relevant after so many years. Please listen and think about it.” – MOGUAI

Pavan Kumar


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