Mokita x Cade – Monopoly


Nashville based Mokita dropped a hot new single on Armada Trice recently, a collab with LA based Cade, and it has only gained popularity since. With nearly 2 million streams on music streaming service Spotify, and over 100k YouTube views, the track has been a huge success.

Stream/download here.

The track really does deliver the feels. It’s based on someone who’s fed up and not able to trust their lover anymore after being played by him/her. The person delivers the message that the lover cant play games with them anymore. The person also stands up to their lover and denies their lover another chance. It’s very direct and also empowering.

The tune itself is very subtle, vocals are powerful enough but not too over the top, and the vocals are one of the key reasons why the song sounds so good. Production is absolutely fantastic, the drums are used very well, and there’s never a feeling that the producer has tried too hard. It’s also gaining popularity because this is the kind of sound that has really taken over in 2016, after the deep/future house takeover last year.

We’re looking forward to more from Mokita and Cade!

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