Moleman Shares Playlist Of The Influences Behind “Lost Control”

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Moleman has recently returned with brand new single ‘Lost Control’, one of his most exciting releases since he’s made a comeback following a short hiatus.

The founder of Subsphere Records (with names like Feint, Stan SB, Keeno and Whiney all falling under its radar) he’s already well versed in the world of drum & bass, as well as dance music as a whole, seen through his catalogue.

As well as receiving support from Liquicity, MrSuicideSheep, QuantumDnb, BBC Radio 1Xtra, Kiss FM, BBC Introducing, DJ Mag, Mixmag and Ministry of Sound radio too for his non drum & bass projects, wracking up 10 million streams on Spotify, he’s placed on high-profile advert syncs, MTV and Your EDM under his experimental electronic alias Flowen. Further proving his weight amongst a variety of mainstay figures.

But with the ‘Lost Control’ he came back to his liquid drum & bass roots, something which his audience has been waiting for. To celebrate, we caught up with Moleman who gave us the top ten tracks he’s been spinning on his Spotify playlist recently. You can grab his newest release here, and check out his selections below:

Klute – Hell Hath No Fury

I really liked how Klute didn’t rush to get to the drop on this track – it takes you on a journey! I also loved the drum patterns from Klute, a big inspiration on the drum creation on Lost Control.

Fred V & Grafix – One Of These Days

The earlier builds of Lost Control had a simple one note bass line following each chord, but this track reminded me how much I love a good jumping bassline!

Muse – Take A Bow

Always loved Muse, I loved how the track builds and crescendos, it sounds so big!! Also the building arpeggios with the synth / strings is such a great combo.

Mat Zo & Porter Robinson – Easy

Big fan of Porter, and a big fan of his huge piano lead sound! I compressed the piano melody to hell and back in the style of the track, it really jumps out against the other elements.

NieR Replicant OST – Emil / Karma

I played 2 Yoko Taro games in lockdown, one being NieR Replicant. Aside from the beautiful story I loved the soundtrack, these rolling drums throughout / strings really inspired the creation of the track.

Chihiro Onitsuka – This Silence Is Mine

The other Yoko Taro game I played was Drakengard 3, that one is not recommended haha. I love the music in the previous titles though, and this theme I really enjoyed the instrumentation of the acoustic elements vs the more electronic sounding parts.

James Horner – Death Of Titanic

I listened to a lot of James Horner in 2020 – which I think was a big inspiration of how I composed the strings for this track. The run / build starting at 5:27 is absolutley beautiful. Instead of using brass I put the climbing parts in synths mirroring the violins which I think works well for the track.


Apex – The Yearning (VIP)

The late Apex created an atmosphere like no other. Again, another track which takes it’s time to build up to the drop. I love the drum patterns in this one too! An all time favorite.

High Contrast – Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

A classic! I love a good vocal chopped and looped – this was the last element that took a long time to find to finish off the track.

Dream Theater – The Count Of Tuscany

Alright it’s a long track! But there are so many beautiful moments of harmony. This track heavily inspired the two synths harmonizing with each other but panned hard left / hard right in each ear. This also made me decide to mix the track much fuller with more layers. I had a version also with less going on which ‘hits harder’ but I like how the final version has lots of musical elements going on at once.

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