Mollie Collins Releases Her Debut Label Single, “Better on My Own”

Mollie Collins Better On My Own

The heights that Mollie Collins has reached over recent years is a testament to the hard work and dedication she’s put behind not just her illustrious DJing career, but also her own studio productions, which she’s spent months refining.

The announcement of her Right Good Records imprint was another step forward for the radio presenter and producer. She’s already shown her on-point record selections throughout her time playing at clubs across the globe and through her show on the KISS FM airwaves, so for her to show an A&R flex as a label owner made perfect sense. With an array of tracks waiting to be released, she’s chosen her own work to launch the imprint with and it’s evidence of how imperative she’s becoming as a figure within drum & bass, due to her versatility and support of the wider scene.

‘Better on My Own’ brings vocalist Bella Penfold into the mix, most known through her part in X Factor’s quarter-finals, although her addition to the drum & bass track from Mollie helps give it a soulful overture. After the two coming into contact through Mollie’s connections within the music world, it seemed only right for the pair to merge their worlds and create a single which would stand as a signpost for what’s to come on the label. Alongside the track’s sing-song hooks and a bassline which drives it forward, each flurry of beats gives it danceability which instantly attaches itself to the listeners. This is a party record, one destined for late-night dancefloors and it proves that despite her raucous DJ sets, Mollie also has a more musical edge when it comes to her own productions.
However, this is just a glimpse of what Mollie has in store for Right Good Records. She’s also set to pave the way for darker moods, with the Right Good catalogue sure to exemplify the influences which have enabled her pivotal platform. Already receiving support on the likes of Danny Byrd’s prime time Radio 1 slot as well as the taste-making show of DJ Target, Right Good Records has started from a formidable height.

Hannah Helbert


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