Monstercat Unveils Fan-Favourite ‘Best Of 2021’ Compilation

monstercat best of 2021

Bringing its 10th year to a monumental close, Monstercat unveiled its highly-anticipated ‘Best of 2021’ album.

Featuring 40 songs handpicked by the community, the album is packed with their favourite releases from this year across a melting pot of phenomenal artists. Covering everything from dubstep and electro to drum & bass and progressive house, the package sees tracks from label veterans like Pixel Terror, Bossfight, Trivecta, Pegboard Nerds, Koven, and Au5, as well as newcomers such as Shingo Nakamura, Kaskade, WHIPPED CREAM, Saint Punk, Eptic, and PROFF.

While the album represents only a sliver of the amazing music Monstercat has released this year, ‘Best of 2021’ brought our global community together to reminisce on their favourite memories across all three brands.


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