Monstercat Unveils Final Chapter Of Compilation Series With ‘Uncaged Vol. 11’

monstercat uncaged vol.11

Following the release of ‘Instinct Vol. 7’ earlier this year, today Monstercat announced the final chapter of its branded compilation series, unveiling the highly anticipated ‘Uncaged Vol. 11’ album.

Sitting at just over two hours in length, ‘Vol. 11’ is packed with 85 tracks from the last year that demonstrate the classic hard-hitting stylings that Uncaged has become known for. Covering everything from bass house to hardstyle, the compilation features heaters from label veterans such as Pixel Terror, Bossfight, Au5, Pegboard Nerds, Slippy, and Stonebank as well as newcomers like Ace Aura, Skyler Madison, Saint Punk, Bleu Clair, Vluarr, and Effin. Arriving as the last installation of Monstercat’s beloved compilation series, ‘Vol. 11’ is an exhilarating finale to a decade of bass-fueled memories.

Monstercat’s Director of Music, Orri Sachar shares, “As we close off this chapter of Monstercat, I really want to highlight what an amazing journey it’s been to share this story of the evolution of Monstercat via the compilations you all know and love. These compilations gave us an opportunity to share our story of growth, discovery, and perseverance with the world, and these stories ended up shaping the global Monstercat community into what it is today.”


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