Moore Kismet Changes the Pace With House-Leaning Single “You Should Run”

moore kismet you should run

Moore Kismet is running up with the fourth single from Night Mode’s third season of releases.

Hailing from Los Angeles, the bass music prodigy known as Moore Kismet has been making deep strides in the post-dubstep realm with a singular sound that harnesses a striking sophistication well beyond the teenage producer’s years. While most of their output has skewed towards the trap, future bass, and dubstep variety, the wunderkind comes out of the left-field with their latest concoction.

“You Should Run” takes a step in the house music direction, as it gracefully finds itself embracing a four-on-the-floor rhythmic structure without straying too far away from the ethereal, thought-provoking space characteristically traversed throughout Kismet’s previous work. Stunning is a good way of putting it. Alternative producer/singer Pauline Herr elevates the affair even more with her sobering crooning, which finds itself being pulled behind the draft of the glitchy switch-up during the latter half of the track. The single may be a different speed for the ever-talented Moore Kismet, but it’s certainly one worth chasing.

“When I first started writing ‘You Should Run,’ it sounded completely different from the beautiful iteration that it is now. The first time I reached out to Pauline to write to it, she told such a simple but beautiful story. Time passed and I ultimately didn’t like the original production work I did, so I decided to start a new. As I started to work on it day by day, week by week, a completely new story had been formed. It was more visceral, it was rawer, and it was amazing. I love Pauline with all my heart. She is an insanely talented songwriter and an even better singer and friend. This track is so special to us, and I’m so glad that it’s finally out. I hope people will take away from this song a sense of clarity about who you love and what you would do for them.” -Moore Kismet


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