Moore Kismet Links Up With UK Beatmaker Bajillionaire For “Drift”

moore kismet drift

Moore Kismet teams up with Bajillionaire on a visceral new single “Drift” for Bassrush Records.

The teenage wunderkind known as Moore Kismet—real name Omar Davis—has been on a near 90-degree trajectory since kicking off the project back in 2018. They are about as progressive as they come, standing behind an emboldened sound that is dead set on challenging the norms of bass music. After making their debut appearance on Bassrush Records at the end of 2019 by way of a glitched-out rework of ATLien’s “Fading Out,” featuring the painfully on-point vocal delivery of Sara Skinner,” Moore Kismet is ready to grace the catalog with a stellar standalone single.

On “Drift,” Kismet is accompanied by UK beatmaker and singer Bajillionaire, who helps outline the unfortunately all-too-familiar feeling of falling out with a significant other, as you watch that special someone slowly disappears from the life you’ve shared. Much like the internal turmoil caused by such heartache, the emotive single is built around a chaotic framework that starts bleeds vulnerability with tender textures and low-pitched strings propping up the soul-shattering crooning offered up by Bajillionaire. As soon as the vocal hook starts repeating in utter anguish, the edges start to unravel and open up to give way to a whole world of melodic disorder and dissonant synth play that makes the agitation impossibly palpable.

“This track started out as something random, merely a blank canvas,” says Moore Kismet. “When I sent it to Charlie (Bajillionaire), he weaved an incredible story of pain and emotion that I wasn’t expecting at all. It only made the song more enjoyable for me to listen to. I’m really happy to be releasing this finally on Bassrush, and I truly hope that someone can take something out of this song.”

Moore Kismet has quickly become a beam of inspiration shining bright and proudly within the bass scene. Having started producing at the pre-pubescent stage of their life, they’ve spent nearly a decade honing a sound that is simultaneously unique and awe-inspiring. From their diaphanous future bass offerings to the quirky dubstep joints, their discography is littered with boundless ingenuity that has captured the minds of stables from the likes of Never Say Die, Gud Vibrations, Disciple, and more. “Drift” is yet another game-changing release that Moore Kismet is adding to the post-dubstep canon.


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