Morgan Page releases beautiful new single – Let You Go


GRAMMY – nominated, American superstar Morgan Page has released a beautiful new track – Let You Go, which is a masterful work of delicate musical nuances. Like always, it is surely here to stay and receive immense love from across the globe.

It is quite tricky to describe this piece of work as it has subtle beauty to it and a fragrance that’s effervescent in nature. The vocals are crisply coupled with the piano works as the synths are rich in texture. One can’t fail to notice very neatly done percussion work on this one. The track is a perfect fit for your sun-downers and almost any set played in the delicate sunshine by the beach.

Like all master producers, Morgan Page intends to do just more than music with his production and has always tried to collaborate with labels that help him to just that, such as, Armada. He says, “There’s a cool synergy there. I want to continue aligning myself with companies and causes that are much bigger than music. It’s important for me to spread a positive message in addition to making the best songs that I possibly can.”

He is also concerned about spreading his knowledge about production and every single day, tweets tips regarding production and writing as ‘MP Quick Tips’. Regarding this, he says, “It’s a way to stay inspired and keep music fun,”

He is very popular with his live shows and creates a whole new energy by spraying champagne and making the crowd sing his vocals to perfection!

“With my shows, there always has to be a sense of escapism for listeners,” adds Morgan. “I want them to leave their normal life behind and enter somewhere else for a couple hours. If they can listen to something I write for the rest of their lives and add different levels of meaning, that’s crucial. I want to create an event nobody ever forgets. The way to do that is deliver big songs that stay in your heart and never leave your mind.”

Having a rich experience of playing on revered stages like Coachella, Electric Daisy Carnival, Big Day Out and a lot many others, he has truly been global. He was nominated as ‘Best American DJ’ in 2012 by IDMA. Also, to his credit, he has two Grammy nominations for ‘In The Air’.

And with this beautiful new release, he intends to remind us why he so widely acclaimed. He is currently touring in the US and you can be sure to catch glimpses of this track everywhere he goes!

Pavan Kumar

Pavan Kumar

A creative lad, experienced in a variety of activities, who has a special love for writing!
Pavan Kumar

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