MÜNE Returns With His Second Single, “Room” Via Ultra Music

mune room

Indore native, Pranay Sharma, also known as MÜNE, is back with his second single “Room,” out today via Ultra Music.

“There isn’t any rule that if the lyrics are sad, then the music should be too. You can write sad lyrics and still make happy, energetic music to go with it. I always try to create unique and ‘weird’ stuff, making my music with sad lyrics and chill music.” – MÜNE

“Room” starts off like a beautiful piano ballad, but is soon met with hypnotic vocals and gradual beats added into the background. The song paints a picture of a breakup or separation, one partner in their bed in the morning, reminiscing about the past, deleting old photos, and wishing their significant other was with them again. Although the message of the track seems quite sombre, it unquestionably gives off a fun, upbeat vibe. “Room” is definitely a track we’ll want to blast in our cars or hear out in the clubs (when it’s allowed, of course).

MÜNE made his debut with single “Better With You” featuring indie-folk band Tors, released Nov. 20, 2020. The track offers up a dreamy tone and the vocals pair perfectly with the folk beats in the background.

MÜNE is a groundbreaking chill house artist who grew up in the middle of India. Deeply inspired by the late Avicii, he made the choice in 2010 to dedicate his life to music. Determined to take the world by storm, MÜNE’s success has arisen out of poverty, where the only computer he had access to was in an internet café, miles from his home. Since then, MÜNE has spent countless hours perfecting his craft and making waves in his bedroom studio. He is praised by listeners for his unique sound, and is officially the first and only Indian artist ever to sign with Ultra Music.


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