MUZZ Drops Hot New Track, ‘Somewhere Else’ On Monstercat

muzz somewhere else

UK drum and bass producer MUZZ is one of Monstercat’s most prolific signings.

With three tracks already released since the end of May, MUZZ is back once again with a rip-roaring new single alongside Danyka Nadeau – who stars on this massive track, ‘Somewhere Else’.

This six-and-a-half-minute epic tune exemplifies MUZZ’s blockbuster production style, with a nearly three-minute intro build that could be a track in its own right. Swooping orchestral strings and sorrowful pianos underpin Nadeau’s silky-smooth vocal before the mood shifts into a more powerful, soaring place.

Harmonies help lift the vocal higher as bass tones and huge synth chords give a taste of what’s to come. It’s another masterpiece and will push fans’ anticipation for the full album to a fever pitch.

MUZZ: “This track was definitely a curveball for me because it essentially combines whale music with drum & bass – two genres that couldn’t be further apart. There’s a pretty specific story behind the writing process (which I will leave unsaid and open to discussion) and has a unique progressive flow that’s really unheard of in this genre.”


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