MYLK Unveils Hyper Bubbly Single “Mermaid”

mylk mermaid

Monstercat vet MYLK returned to the label today with her upbeat electronic single “Mermaid”.

Drawing inspiration from gaming samples and J-Pop, MYLK expertly crafts a unique and vibrant soundscape characterized by arcadey SFX, pumping basses, and hard-hitting kicks.

With its glitchy, serotonin-boosting synth leads and processed vocals, “Mermaid” packs an electrifying punch and is full of the kawaii flair that MYLK has become known for.

MYLK shares, “This song relates to my past and I hope it can relate to others too. It also gives me nostalgia because of the track being a UK hardcore track – which takes me back to where my music production all started.”


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