N3WPORT Drops New Single, ‘Lonely’ Featuring Leila Pari

n3wport lonely

N3WPORT reunites with regular collaborator and buzzing songstress Leila Pari on their new single “Lonely” for Lost In Dreams Records.

Three is perceived to be a magic number by many. The proverbial rule three principle happens to be showing up in more ways than one on the latest issue from Lost In Dreams, which finds Virginia Beach native N3WPORT making his third appearance on the burgeoning imprint. In a synchronous turn of events, he’s joined by the lovely multicultural vocal talent Leila Pari for their third pairing together within the span of the last three years.

Despite finding themselves amongst good company, their next encounter touches on the ice-cold feelings associated with isolation. Leila’s woeful vocals are propped up by twinkling piano keys, drifting drums, and throbbing guitar strums, creating a backbone behind each somber note as she sings her way a maze of abandonment.

As her thoughts of alienation grow stronger, so does the signature rocktronic synth swells beneath it—almost as if to show solidarity in the rough patch when it feels like no one is there to stand by your side.

On the new single, N3WPORT shares: “Lonely is an emotional, melody-driven track that touches on the feelings you experience when you feel like you don’t have anyone by your side. I worked hard crafting the melodic themes in this track to truly convey the heartbreaking yet beautiful emotion that comes across in Leila’s vocals, and the result is one of my favorite tracks I’ve written to date”

“I wrote the song alone in my room during covid,” adds Leila, “reflecting on my first heartbreak and the lessons I learned the hard way. I sent it to Joey [N3WPORT] and he added his beautiful production to it.”

As an authority on lessons of love and lost, Leila Pari has been compiling personal, page-turning stories into a collection of tracks that will embody her debut artist album, ‘Modern Romantic,’ a reflective body of work that follows a small-town girl’s pursuits of love in the big city. She first linked up with N3WPORT on their single “Castle,” tapping into a theme about building a protective fortress around one’s own heart.

Drawing more than a million streams since its release, the track was picked up for a campaign for an Oscar nominated film. Believing that they needed to drive more momentum, N3WPORT and Pari quickly reunited once again a few months later with their goosebump-inducing follow-up, “Catch My Breath.”

Making tidal waves in the melodic bass space, N3WPORT has taken pride in integrating his pop punk upbringing into a rock-infused electronic music sound that feels entirely his own.

He’s showcased his talents alongside the Lost In Dreams camp twice since September, debuting on the label with a captivating three-way collaboration “Shade Of You,” featuring a duet between babe. and Kevin Wolfe. His sophomore single “Bliss” was equally emotion-stirring, teaming up with vocalist KC on an angsty ballad about facing the sometimes-ugly truth of relationships.

Smashed in-between his two singles was a riveting live performance at the second annual Lost In Dreams festival that took place in Downtown Las Vegas in September.

“Lonely” is a heartfelt reunion between two artists who have really found their groove together, and hopefully N3WPORT and Leila Pari decide to keep creating even more magic beyond this third release alongside one another.

N3WPORT’s new single “Lonely,” featuring Leila Pari, is available on all platforms via Lost In Dreams Records.


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