Nathassia – Light Of The World


Netherlands born, London based electronic music artist NATHASSIA is an artist unlike any other.

As she builds following the recent release of her debut album, Light Of The World, she reveals on the album’s title track and lead single that she is an artist whose sound is shaped by the intricate similarities and contradictions of music around the world.

Listen here.

With her sound centred on the electronic, she presents a musical realm that is truly Multiculteral. Boasting a vocal as distinctive as Kate Bush, Mor Karbasi and Yasmin Levy, she delivers intricately crafted, boldly brilliant electronica that will re-shape how your perceive the genre. A real exploration of the light and dark in the world, Light of the World is poignantly thought-provoking.

Having self-produced her debut album alongside leading leading underground electronic music producers including British Dubstep producers Stenchman & Pete Ardron, Nathassia chose to write several of the Light of the World songs with Grammy award winning writer/producer Bruce Elliott-Smith.

In just a few months NATHASSIA has amassed a vast army of fanatical fans from diverse countries such as Greece, Egypt, Morocco & Suriname. With her sound so truly international in formation, she is a beacon of light in a world that is currently being torn apart by those arguing about their differences. By showing the way in which our differences blend us together, NATHASSIA effortlessly moves our mind as she captivates us with her compelling beats.


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