New York City’s Demien Sixx Shares Thunderous Dubstep-Inspired EP ‘The Eyes Of Tomorrow’

demien sixx the eyes for tomorrow

Well known across New York for his high-octane live performances, Demien Sixx is back with his first EP of 2021 ‘The Eyes Of Tomorrow’. Housing five tracks that blur the lines between dubstep, electro house, and trap, Sixx’s latest is a gripping collection that is sure to enthrall listeners and electrify stages. ‘The Eyes Of Tomorrow’ is available on all streaming platforms via Demsix Records.

Blending genres and captivating listeners, Demien Sixx’s ‘The Eyes Of Tomorrow’ highlights why the NYC-native is a rising force to be reckoned with. Throughout the EP, Sixx deploys powerful hooks and driving basslines to craft his scintillating singles. Additionally, he puts his unique stamp on his productions through perplexing distorted horror voices and a mechanized sci-fi tonality, giving the EP an unparalleled feel.

‘The Eyes Of Tomorrow’ opens with a melodic intro with ‘Universe’ before diving into heavy territory as the growling bass pairs with screeching highs to kick the EP off. Then moving to ‘Stellar Addiction’, the EP takes a turn toward scorching dubstep, forcefully announcing Sixx’s return. Ramping up the tempo with an electro heater Sixx keeps the listener engaged with ‘Astral Vampire’. ‘Devastation’ arrives next, providing additional head-banging fuel with a surging synth riser and intense lasers scoring the riddim beat.

Lastly, ‘The Eyes Of Tomorrow’ closes with an emotive and gothic remix of ‘Vampire’ from Zardonic. By the time it’s through, ‘The Eyes Of Tomorrow’ definitively showcases Demien Sixx’s heavy production prowess and positions him as a must-watch artist as concerts return this year.

In New York city’s electronic music scene, Demien Sixx is quickly becoming a household name. Through his unique fusion of dubstep, electro house and trap, Sixx has earned his reputation for expertly crafted tracks that lead to powerful live performances. The strength of his productions lie in his utilization of contrasting musical ideas.

Sixx often warms the listener with lush synth melodies and uplifting hooks before inciting mayhem with walls of bass scored with drum machine samples and tight rhythm sections. No matter the genre, his tracks aim to electrify audiences and provide fans a once-in-a-lifetime live experience.

Demien Sixx complements his heavy-hitting productions with his flair for spectacular showmanship. Demien’s live performances always come complete with stunning visual displays that amplify his tracks’ magnitude. Additionally, his Mad Max-inspired stage outfit (fully equipped with EL wire lighting) displays the carnage and havoc he wreaks upon crowds.

He firmly believes in the power of live shows over internet experiences, saying, “Sure, it’s all about the great sound, but a club night is not only experienced through your ears. My shows are a multimedia experience delivered to engage all of your senses.”

Coming off his 2019 album Maximum Overdrive, Sixx’s impressive discography spans nearly a decade dating back to his debut LP Rage in Zombieland. His catalog includes earth-shattering singles like ‘Savage Wasteland’ and ‘Enter Half Dead’ as well as fan favorites ‘Maximum Overdrive’ and ‘Thawing Seas.’Sixx has torn up stages across New York including Trexx Nightclub and Amazura.