Nick Smith Releases Funky R&B-Inspired Garage Single “Forget About Me”

nick smith forget about me

After making his solo debut on Monstercat earlier this year, LA-based singer-songwriter Nick Smith returned to the label with his groovy new single, “Forget About Me.”

A testament to Nick’s storied career in production, “Forget About Me” blends deep R&B-inspired basses and soulful vocals with rhythmic UK garage beats. Inspired by the expression “don’t forget about me when you’re famous,” Nick recounts his experience watching an old friend leave his previous life behind as they climbed the social ladder. Reminiscent of early Disclosure mixed with his own pop-forward vocal stylings, it’s this year’s next club weapon primed for packed rooms.

Nick Smith shares, “This song is about those connections and relationships that fade after a one-sided success story. I think it’s important to remember where you came from, and for me, the house drums, vocal harmonies, and syncopated rhythms remind me of where I’m from.”


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