Nick Talos Releases First Single Of 2020, “Looking To Love” Alongside Chelcee Grimes

nick talos looking to love

DJ and producer Nick Talos has officially released his first track of 2020, ‘Looking To Love’.

Teaming up with singer/songwriter and professional footballer Chelcee Grimes for the vocals, this stellar single is perfect for both the dance-floor and chart alike.

The track begins with a catchy reversed-vocal melody over muted house snares, hi-hats and synths. Acting as the perfect intro, Chelcee’s vocals swiftly come in with the verse, singing of loneliness and love, along with an electric piano. As the track grows we hear the chorus vocals for the first time, while part way through, a snare, FX sweep and the original melody build up to the drop. As the chorus vocals are repeated, all other parts cut out, leaving a powerful kick and percussive synth bass.

On its third repetition however, in come the classic House backbeat hi-hats with clap, cymbals and percussion, finally revealing the main chorus and ending with the hook line ‘We’re looking to love’. As the song structure repeats, it builds again, this time to a new section, an extension of the ‘Looking to love’ hook. With the repeated hook line and a digitally transformed vocal melody this is the song at its danceable best, and, after a brief bridge section, the track ends this way in style.


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