Night Talk – Hours EP

Hours EP

Night Talk whips up a deep and dusty mood with his Hours EP on Definition:Music.

Enter the Hours EP; A 3 track adventure through some of the darkest corners of the night. ‘Drowning’ starts us off chugging along with the tensions slowly rising as the synths play their game among the shadows. Soon enough, Night Talk shows us what ‘Drowning’ is all about, captivating in its simplicity and elegant in its execution. ‘Blue Hour’ turns the dials a bit further, adding a new level of hustle with a bit more drama in the mix. Still deep, still dark, and still very ripe for the dancefloor. Coming up on the ‘Golden Hour’ now, Night Talk lets things relax, but only just the track still has enough swing in it to keep a floor packed, but with a bit more warmth and less tension than its more epic siblings.


1. Night Talk – Drowning

2. Night Talk – Blue Hour

3. Night Talk – Golden Hour


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