Nima Gorji Unveils New EP, ‘Let’s Talk’

nima gorji let's talk

Nima Gorji is a stalwart deep tech artist whose stripped back style has been the backbone of a career stretching over two decades.

His timeless sound is a spellbinding mix of stripped-back percussion layered with deep pads, and this release also features soulful vocal samples.

‘Let’s Talk’ is the new EP by Nima Gorji, and there are two original tracks, plus a remix by Franco Cinelli. Franco Cinelli is also a highly respected deep tech artist, known for his tracks on prestigious record labels such as Moan, Bass Culture, Rawax and Ilian Tape.

This release comes via Suleiman, which is a Canadian record label working with Nima Gorji for the first time, and their catalogue also includes contributions from Doubtingthomas, Cesare vs Disorder, Alexi Delano, and many others.

“Freedom” opens the release with gliding pads and a soulful vocal sample, while acid synths complete the ensemble. Carefully structured so the track never gets cluttered, each sound has its turn of being centre stage, as they rotate to deliver a magnificent groove underpinned by looped percussion.

Franco Cinelli’s remix of “Freedom” keeps the original’s vocal as a main focal point, but works in a new bassline and some extra percussion. It’s a more refined version with the new bassline and original’s pad radiating warmth throughout the track.

Last up, and second of the original tracks, “Your Mind” combines deep atmospherics with a rubbery acid bassline and vigorous percussion. It’s an interesting combination that maintains a dance floor focus while also having a trippy atmosphere.

Get a copy HERE.


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