Nitepunk Unveils New Single, ‘Grounded’

nitepunk grounded

Nitepunk erodes the ego on his new single “Grounded,” the latest mind-melting breaks creation culled from his highly anticipated debut album due for release later this year on HARD Recs.

Blazing along the path leading up to his forthcoming LP, the loose cannon known to the world as Nitepunk is letting his unhinged creativity manifest itself into one of his most groundbreaking releases we’ve seen from him to date. Drawing inspiration from an undisclosed piece of renaissance art from the Middle East, the Brooklyn-based producer took to his mental canvas to spawn his own sonic masterpiece.

“Grounded” immediately takes its throne at the head of the modern breakbeat space. This is, by all accounts, his magnum opus. Colored with rich orchestral elements and immaculate percussive intricacies, the entire journey feels like witnessing an artist unraveling the mystery behind a priceless painting.

A triplet hip-hop hook and trap-style adlibs hang onto a rapid-fire rhythm amid soulful choir accompaniment, militant drum rolls, and piano keys steeped in suspense. In true Nitepunk form, a cacophony of complex layers weave in and out of the foreground with effortless precision.

Growling synth motifs slice and dice seemingly with at their own will, eventually receding to make way for a stammering symphonic section before doubling back to the barrage of next-level sound design. The track has already been road-tested by its maker, causing an uncontrollable clamor when he debuted it during his set at Project Z festival in SoCal. It’s only a matter of time before it cracks the floor wide open this festival season.

Sharing his thoughts on the new single, Nitepunk says: “I’m putting out one of my most favorite tracks from the album and I want to see it out in the wild belonging to everyone and making people lose control on the dance floor while spicing up everyone’s imagination.”

The anticipation surrounding his debut album is starting to spill out over the edges. Those who have been keeping count should know “Grounded” sets itself up as the fifth single Nitepunk has delivered on the HARD imprint so far.

Each offering presents a unique look into the realm of the experimental madman, dating back to his label debut at the tail-end of 2020. “Flow,” “Miracle,” “MTV” and the lust-consumed “I’m Not Yours and You’re Not Mine” alongside NYC singer-songwriter Yianna, continues to shine a light on the beautiful mind that is Nitepunk. And from the looks of it, somehow, the best is yet to come.

Nitepunk’s new single “Grounded” is available everywhere via HARD Recs.


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