Nitepunk Gushes In With Insane Breaks-Driven “Flow” Label Debut on HARD Recs

nitepunk flow

Brooklyn’s explosive bass producer Nitepunk is making his debut appearance on HARD Recs with new single “Flow.”

Nitepunk is the latest recruit running up to join the ranks of HARD Recs. The Brooklyn-based phenom has made a name for himself over a couple of years, known for churning out low-end music that plays by its own rules. Since launching the project, the fast-growing talent has racked up ridiculous amounts of street cred with a rebellious discog that has seen him bending the sounds of dubstep, house, left-field bass, trap, and beyond in order to conform them to his own artistic vision.

On his inaugural issue with HARD, he sets his sights on breaks with “Flow,” a high-energy number that boldly goes against the grain. Built atop a broken-beat foundation, the single skirts around a liberating topline embracing the self-assertive ethos that’s evident in every piece of music he touches. A spunky lead is drenched in distortion, as it creates waves of euphoria while getting swept away in a current of gritty bottom-end, grungy sound design, punchy vocal chops, and white-knuckling energy, which only reinforces the notion that Nitepunk is the real deal.

“With this track, I want people to look away from negative distractions that keep us from being in flow with ourselves—it can be anything really, especially this year,” says Nitepunk “And just go dance as if they were at the craziest rave! There’s always images and scenes when I make/listen to my music and few things make me happier when this visual side is brought to life as close as possible. I want my music to fire up people’s imaginations by itself but that won’t keep us from pushing visual boundaries that perfectly expresses the sound and mood of my music. I wouldn’t be able to do so without my dear friends David & Zach, it’s a blessing working with these kids. And I’m more than happy that it’s being released on HARD; we’ve been hard at work with wrapping up the project and tracks for Hard and it really is dream come true to be working with them and having the creative freedom with everything.”

Originally a dancing and beat-making sensation from his native country Georgia, the artist behind Nitepunk—real name Lasha—completely went out on a limb in 2010 to pursue his passion for bass music by packing up and relocating to the hustle and bustle of New York City. The bold risk he took then has continued to pay dividends, as the enigmatic producer continues to impress with a discog that is stocked with insanely original cuts for heavy-hitting labels from the likes of Never Say Die, Disciple, Monstercat, UKF and Subsidia. As the newest addition to the HARD Recs roster, Nitepunk is slated to shake up the scene with a barrage of next-level releases for the ever-evolving imprint.


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