Nitepunk Sparks An Uprising With Rowdy Trap-Fueled Single “MTV” On Hard Recs

nitepunk mtv

Nitepunk sparks an uprising on his latest single, “MTV,” a ruckus-inducing bass creation serving as his third issue on HARD Recs.

The revolution may not be televised, but it will be taking on the shape of the newest creation from the Brooklyn-based low-end mastermind. Challenging the status quo happens to be the rebellious producer’s MO, after all, having established himself as an endless source of recalcitrant cuts that always lay it on all the line.

His newest offering is perhaps his most defiant piece of work to date, as it was conceived amid the swell of commotion surrounding BLM protests, aggressive lockdown orders, and one of the most trying times in human history.

Channeling the intense cluster of emotions felt during peak pandemic, “MTV” not only flies in the face of genre constraints, but it also effectively incarnates the need to topple any form of oppression.

An empowering and rage-filled rap burns at the core of this fiery demonstration, with its rowdy bars standing in solidarity with those gunning for a leveled playing field. Nitepunk reinforces the notion with his own poetic portrayal of the issue at hand via a riotous trap-riddled beat that could never be silenced.

Intricate drum patterns continually shift without a moment’s notice, keeping the suspense at an all-time high while waves of restless bass growls and erupting synth sequences make a concerted effort to take back the power. Despite the welcomed chaos and bursts of hot-blooded flows, there’s comfort to be found in the message about people overcoming adversity for the sake of affording everyone a fair and equal shake.

“For ‘MTV,’ I wanted to show pure joy and freedom, not only through the music, but through the visual elements that go with the track,” says Nitepunk. My friends dancing on the rooftop, listening to music we love, remembering what it feels like to be alive. It’s easy to forget when there’s so much negativity around to consume. This is a reminder to dance and let loose when the time calls for it.”

Within the last half year, Nitepunk has been busting the bass scene wide open with repeat appearances on HARD Recs. In December, he debuted on the imprint with a surge of endorphins on “Flow,” which subsequently received the house remix treatment from the mighty Habstrakt.

A few months later, he hit the streets again with his sophomore single, “Miracle,” another breaks-fueled godsend that was staggered by a thrashing drum & bass remix by REAPER. If the pattern holds up, there should be an equally forward-thinking remix of “MTV” in play soon enough.

Until then, try not to get too worked up from the thought of Nitepunk causing an uproar when he drops this firestarter in the flesh during his upcoming set at HARD Summer in August.


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