No Mana Presents A 19 Track Compilation, ‘Electromag’

no mana electromag

Continuing his unrelenting pursuit of making electro house great again, No Mana proudly presents ‘Electromag’, a 19-track compilation featuring singles from No Mana, Tommy Trash, Wolfgang Gartner, EDDIE, Bentley Dean, James Egbert, and more.

Debuting in full on Friday, September 10 via mau5trap, Electromag features lead singles “Can’t Say No” by No Mana and Tommy Trash, Wolfgang Gartner’s “The Original,” and EDDIE & Bad Disk’s “Electro Forever.”

No Mana is bringing back the golden-era of electro house. Fully prepared to transport listeners back in time to Hype Machine #1’s and MySpace top 8’s, the mau5trap mainstay enlists the crème de la crème of electro house heroes to bring ‘Electromag’ to life.

From familiar faces like Tommy Trash and Wolfgang Gartner to breakout stars within the space like EDDIE and Bad Disk, No Mana creates a whirring compilation for the ages from newcomers and titans alike. Kicking off the compilation is none other than No Mana himself, enlisting Uppermost for their long-awaited “ID5.” A frenetic cacophony of massive synths, “ID5” is the perfect introductory into the world of Electromag.

Lead singles from No Mana & Tommy Trash and Wolfgang Gartner quickly took the world by storm in June and July respectively. No Mana x Tommy Trash’s “Can’t Say No” serves as a sonic display of technical production prowess from its onset until its last note.

The ferocious cut opens with lurid synths as Tommy Trash’s own vocals melt into it’s over-the-top buildup. Frenetic old school synths and digital distortion best characterize this unparagoned production that seemingly stepped straight out of blog haus’ hay-day and into 2021.

A pioneer of golden-era electro house sound, Wolfgang Gartner is one-of-a-kind. From instant classics like “Illmerica” to his coalescing with Skrillex for the timeless “The Devil’s Den,” Wolfgang Gartner’s scope is all-encompassing.

Grungy snares and a distorted kick open the track as a cacophony of lurid vocals take control in this transcendent feature. A longtime staple ID in Gartner’s live sets, “The Original” now sees it’s much anticipated release as part of ‘Electromag’.

Additional standout features come from EDDIE & Bad Disk with their “Electro Forever,” and Bentley Dean with both his “Amron” and “Youtube Rip,” combining both the heavy side of electro house with nuanced production darkness.

In tandem with the release of his ‘Electromag’ compilation, No Mana is set to embark on his Electromag tour, kicking off September 4 at Day Trip in Los Angeles, CA, and hitting major cities across the entirety of North America before concluding in March of 2022.

“I gathered a bunch of friends and idols to forge a hammer that beats a dead horse that is electro house AKA ‘best genre,'” says No Mana on his Electromag compilation. “This started as a joke between EDDIE, Bentley Dean and myself as to mock nostalgic electro house (mostly the excessive releases of compilations and the ones that were ripped from YouTube). Now, I think the joke has gone a little too far; but we’ll go the extra mile. It’s in our tempo, bitrate, and pathetic crowd size…128 is the number of the beast.” No Mana’s Electromag debuts in full on Friday, September 10, and features appearances from Tommy Trash, Wolfgang Gartner, and more.

Electromag Tracklist

01. No Mana & Tommy Trash – Can’t Say No
02. Wolfgang Gartner – The Original
03. EDDIE & Bad Disk – Electro Forever
04. EDDIE – Cake Control
05. Bentley Dean – Amron
06. Moki – Saucy
07. Foxhunt & Moki – Media Encoder
08. Foxhunt – Symphony
09. No Mana – Example (feat. Uppermost)
10. No Mana – Toys of Violence
11. James Egbert – Old School Sound
12. Bentley Dean – youtuberip.mp3
13. KEETZ – Recalled
14. Sysdemes – Off
15. ELAC – Blare
16. KEETZ – Flat Track
17. Bad Disk – Over & Over & Over Again
18. 80M – Squid Lips
19. No Mana & James Egbert – Alive


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