Normani teams up with Calvin Harris to release exciting singles – Slow Down and Checklist

normani calvin harris

Fifth Harmony’s Normani continues to work on amazing solo projects, backed by new collaborations with the superstar Calvin Harris.

After the massive team-ups with the likes of Khalid and Migos’ Quavo earlier this year, the artist is not holding back in surging up her solo career. The artist has released two songs with Calvin Harris in Checklist featuring WizKid and Slow Down, both of which have the potential of being club-bangers.

Slow Down has a subtle opening which quickly moves into some catchy beats, making you want to dance almost instantly. The soothing vocals take the lead, into the trippy bit of music that Calvin Harris has so masterfully tried to blend in. Swaying from an upbeat tempo to a more laidback one, the track constantly keeps you guessing for what’s next.

Starting off with a tropical vibe backed by the vocals from WizKid, the track sets up a peppy mood right from the start. The production is once again very subtle and manages to constantly keep you hooked to the track. With light percussive works at the right time, the production compliments the mood of the track perfectly. You’ll love this one for sure!

Normani has seen a busy 2018 so far while her Khalid collaboration Love Lies broke into every major chart including the Hot 100 for 34 weeks and peaked at #9. It has been really encouraging to see the new style of production from Calvin Harris which we also saw in the Dua Lipa collaboration, One Love. With such tracks that make it big commercially, there’s simply no reason why he shouldn’t be the highest paid DJ in the world!

After listening to both the tracks, it feels like they’ll certainly make their way into major charts and radio shows all around the world. It also seems like the beginning of the rise of the 22-year-old Normani into something spectacular, and we truly can’t wait to hear more from her.

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